Core Curriculum: K - 4th

St. Mark Catholic School offers solid learning foundation for the first six years of formal education starting with Kindergarten through fourth grade. During the critical developmental years. We offer a nurturing environment to encourage cognitive, emotional, spiritual growth with grounding in the core subject areas of religion, reading, math, writing, spelling, and additional focus on Spanish, physical education, art, music, and technology.


Our math program actively engages students in making sense of mathematics while developing confidence in their mathematical ability. The math curriculum is designed to strengthen computational skills and provide opportunities for expanding mathematical reasoning while offering varied opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding.

Reading - Grades K-5

Strong reading skills are a foundation of academic success. Our reading curriculum uses StoryTown, a research-based, developmental reading and language arts program by Harcourt School Publishers, for kindergarten through fourth grade. The program includes planned expansion to fifth grade. The program incorporates high-quality children's literature, as well as informational texts into each lesson. Through the Student Editions, students are exposed to a variety of genres. Story Town reflects current, confirmed research, and prioritizes and sequences essential skills and strategies into a clear, organized model for instruction.


Religion is a daily component of the curriculum at all grade levels. Our religious education program follows and exceeds the state and Diocesan curriculum and standards. Our second graders spend the year preparing for their First Communion and Reconciliation. We utilize the Sadlier series and reinforce our learning through participation in weekly masses and by receiving the sacraments.


"Can turtles breathe through their skin?"
"What is the most reactive metal?"
"Could the increase in global temperatures cause us to enter an ice age?"

These are just a few questions that St. Mark students inquire during daily science lessons. No matter their inclination to explore science, our goal for all students is to encourage an appreciation and understanding of science and its applications in daily life.

Social Studies

Social Studies is integrated into the curriculum at each grade level as our students explore the world in which we live. Studies include American history, North Carolina history as well as exploring other cultures and continents. Highlights of the program include the fourth grade field trip to Raleigh and fifth grade "State-in-a-Box" projects.