Augie Ballantine is Regional Tennis Champ!

Posted: 09.29.2015 | Categories: News

Fourth Grader Augie Ballantine traveled to Alabama this past weekend to compete in the L1A Tournament. Of the 24 girls and 24 boys invited to play, Augie was the #1 Seeded boy on his team and so he played the #1 boy on the other teams. His first match was against the #2 ranked boy in the South from Tennessee, and Augie won!  Augie went on to win ALL of his matches (4 singles and 4 doubles).  He was 8-0 and won the tournament!!!  Augie played boys from Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky.  It was a great experience for Augie to see how he measured up to players in the other 9 states in his region.  New rankings will come out at the end of this month, but he should move into the top 10 in the Southern 9 State Region after

his wins!