Student Tuition Rates: 2018-2019 School Year

St. Mark School's tuition for 2018-2019 was set by St. Mark Senior Staff based on ongoing sensitivity to family financials and planned school enrollment. St. Mark offers a quality, well-rounded Catholic education with a wide range of extracurricular activities for students in Grades Pre K 4 through Grade 8.

Ongoing: The school has consolidated tuition and all mandatory program fees into a single total bill paid through the FACTS payment program. This will avoid additional charges for families at the beginning of the school year. Families will still pay for items such as out-of-town field trips, team sports fees, lunch, and after-school care during the school year, as those are optional or 'grade-unique' costs. Eighth grade students have a graduation fee charged to offset graduation costs.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students will have their own Chromebook computer, to be used at school. A technology fee will be charged for the periodic maintenance and replacement of these Chromebooks. Since these Chromebooks will remain at school, no technology insurance fee will be assessed to these grades.

PreK 4* K thru

5th **

6th thru

7th ***

8th ****





1st child of registered, active, contributing parishioner of a

Catholic parish (discounted tuition rate)

{Please review Notes section}

$7,555 $7,705 $7,735 $7,925 1st child of all others (Regular tuition rate)

* Full day Pre-K tuition listed includes a $65 school activity fee

** K - 5th Grade tuition listed includes a $215 school activity and technology fee

*** 6th - 7th Grade tuition listed includes a $245 school activity, technology and technology insurance fee

**** 8th Grade tuition listed includes a $435 school activity, technology, technology insurance and graduation fee

Multiple Child Tuition Rate Discounts

2nd child: $500 discount            3rd child: $1000 discount         Additional siblings (4th, 5th, etc.): $1,500 discount


A registered, active, contributing parishioner is one who has been registered with a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Raleigh for the last 6 months, has contributed to their parish offertory in a regular and identifiable way, attends Mass at their parish regularly, and shares their time and talent with their parish.

Financial contributions should be made through E debits, parish envelopes, checks, or any other way that permits posting donations by family name into the parish's data base system used to issue end of year statements. A Catholic parish participation form signed by the Pastor or other authorized individual is required for annual status verification. If you do not provide a Catholic Parish Participation Form, your tuition rate will automatically be set to the regular tuition rate.


In order to be guaranteed placement, a $500 Family Registration Fee must be paid by during the month of April (draft date is based on your FACTS payment date selection). The registration fee will be applied towards your 2018-2019 tuition balance.