Tuition Assistance

St. Mark School's tuition assistance program is available to admitted St. Mark students and is awarded as funds are available to those families with demonstrated need.

Tuition Assistance Process

All tuition assistance is given on the basis of demonstrated need. In order to provide impartiality and fairness to our families, need is assessed by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment--a third party provider. Only families who complete the FACTS evaluation process are eligible for tuition assistance. Awards are not renewable, and families must re-apply every year.

All applications are strictly confidential. Applications are reviewed by a Tuition Assistance Committee. The committee is a small group of individuals organized for the purpose of reviewing funding requests for tuition assistance. The group itself is anonymous and all information it reviews, financial or otherwise, is held in strict confidentiality.

Applications for financial aid are accepted from January 1 to February 28. For 2018-19, applicants are asked to submit their applications by February 28, and provide all required documentation by March 15. Award determinations are announced by April. Families applying for tuition assistance will have a registration fee of $250 (vs. the standard $500).

Since there are usually more families requesting assistance than there are available resources, submitting a late or incomplete application will negatively affect the likelihood and/or amount of an award.

The committee will only consider families whose financial standings have been verified by FACTS. Submitting an application does not mean that the application has been verified. FACTS will require copies of financial documents in order to verify an application. Families should work directly with FACTS to provide information in a timely fashion.

The Tuition Assistance Committee will provide the family an opportunity (via confidential email or letter) to further clarify their tuition assistance needs for the coming year, including any unique circumstances or details that provide clarity to the numbers in FACTS.

For additional information, please review the St. Mark Tuition Assistance Guidelines .  

To apply for Tuition Assistance ($30 application fee), please click here.

To donate to the Tuition Assistance Program, please click here.

" Wherever possible, Catholic schools should remain available and accessible in all areas of a diocese for children who are from poor and middle-class families who face major economic challenges. In addition, Catholic schools should be available to students who are not Catholic and who wish to attend them. This has been a proud part of the history of Catholic schools in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We must continue this outreach in the new millennium." [From the Statement on Catholic Schools by the USCCB]